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[About Lucius Burckhardt & Joseph Beuys] a talk at Documenta 14 Kassel Germany.

Enter the Triangle] performance Made of Walking La Romieu France 27.08 > 30.08.2017.

Enter The Triangle] video performance during Made of Walking Delphi Greece 2017.

[Mindset for 2 globes] video [20 min) during the performance: 'Hythodaeus-Mindset for 2 globes' 2017.

[Landscape - Mindscape] Mercator museum Sint-Niklaas Belgium. 'Opdonder4' 2017.

[Ex Voto - votum]'Passages' video La Romieu [Gers Midi-Pyrénées] France 2016.

[To Carry Memories]'Passages' video La Romieu [Gers Midi-Pyrénées] France 2016.

Lavoir] Passages La Romieu 2016.

[Sketchbook Urban Emptiness] Stefaan van Biesen & Geert Vermeire Edinburgh Scotland 2016.

A Talk about the 'Sea Born' performance in Venice 2015 for Cities and Memories, Italian Institute Athens 2015.

[Urban Rituals / Resounding Cities] Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon Lisbon Portugal 2015.

[Chlorophilia - inner fluids] installation Biodiversity Nieuwenhoven Belgium 2014.

[Fly Ways] - registrations of insect flights 1994-2014 Kunstenfestival Watou 2014 Belgium.

[Lost and Found] installation Stefaan van Biesen - WIT urban team at 'Mind the Gap' Belgium 2013.

[Liquid Days] video performance 2013.

[Fly Ways] Art Borgloon Belgium - Manifesta 9 - 'Sensitive islands 2012.

[Reading the Book I am] Museu Nogueira da Silva Braga Portugal 20.12.2012.

[Sensitive Islands] project for students - University Portugal & Saramago Foundation 2012.

[Uma orelha sobre a relva] video Stefaan van Biesen - 5 poemas by Geert Vermeire 2012.

[Walks 2011] travel notes on Moleskine - several places 2011.

Exhibition [the Go-between] Museu Nogueira da Silva Braga Portugal 2011.

Interview Geert Vermeire about 'Geist' [ Stefaan van Biesen] 'Aberto Brasilia' Brasilia Brazil 2011.

[the Go-between] Performance Museu Nogueira da Silva Braga Portugal 2010.

Performance [the Letter] Museu Biscainhos Braga Portugal 2011.

[Homaga to Patinir] (1480-1524). Video art project 'Transmutaçoes da Paisagem' Tibeas Portugal 2010.

[A Knocking Bird] a daily ritual - video registration Belgium 2009.

[Spaziergangwissenschaft] Video of drawings

[Whisperer] extract performance during 'About melancholy' De Campagne 2004.

[Wereldstede - Sleeper (II)] performance during 'About melancholy' De Campagne 2004.

[Buzzer I] Installation Beeldig Hof Ter Saksen Beveren Belgium 2003.

[Metamorphosis] extract performance art project 'the Weight of Fire' Zonnebeke Belgium 2000.

[Wildman Variations] performance - chapel castle Cortewalle CC Ter Vesten Beveren Belgium 1998.

[Letter to a vanishing orchard] urban ritual Melsele Beveren Belgium 1998.

[My load is undefined] registration of a two days walk - Melsele Belgium 1992.

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