Agenda 2020 - Stefaan van Biesen

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[Nomad Memories] summer presentation S&H De Buck Gallery Ghent Belgium ⋈ July & August 2020.

[Mozaiek - mijn naam is Vijd] CC Ter Vesten Beveren Belgium ⋈ An artistic research 05.09 > 18.10.2020.

[Verbinding/Connection] travelling educational art project ⋈ RASA Belgium 2020.

Artists: Otobong Nkanga (BE/NIG), Tinka Pittoors (BE), Andy Goldsworthy (UK), Koen Vanmechelen (BE), Stefaan van Biesen (BE), Annemarie Maes (BE), Shaakira Jassat (S. AFR/NL).



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[Fingers Don't Know What The Hand Will Do] an ongoing joint project with Annelies Slabbynck 2020.

[Mountains to Oceans] Art Science Exhibits Community Berlin ⋈ Campo Santo ⋈ Ghent Belgium 2020.

[I, Dandelion...] an artistic joint research with botanist/artist Rosário Forjaz [Porto, Portugal] 2020.



M A D E - O F - W A L K I N G [ VII ] :

[Wandering Souls] [7th International Meeting] Minho University Guimaraes ⋈ Portugal June 2020.








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[Mozaiek - mijn naam is Vijd] CC Ter Vesten Beveren Belgium 2020.

A multi disciplinairy project ⋈ Drawings - Photos -Video.




Following the Jan Van Eyck year in 2020, (with a large exhibition about this artist in Ghent at KMSK), Stefaan van Biesen, at the invitation of CC Ter Vesten, is making a work and research into Joos Vijd. It was he who ordered the triptych of 'Het Lam Gods' (the Mystic Lamb) 1432 from Jan Van Eyck. The project/research by Stefaan van Biesen was given the working title: 'Mozaiek [My name is Vijd]'. This exhibition starts at the beginning of September and runs until mid-October 2020. Location: Cortewalle Castle, the former home of Joos Vijd (this castle is depicted as a miniature in the painting of the Lam Gods). Proof that Joost Vijd and Jan Van Eyck moved in the same cultural and diplomatic circles.


On Facebook [Dutch language] : Vijd Awa




Presentation of the first result of the 'Vijd Mozaiek' during a work meeting for the exhibition.


Certain gestures, symbols and themes of the Lam Gods are placed in a contemporary context. Starting from the person of Joos Vijd, (a descendant of a Flemish patrician family who commissioned the painting of the iconic altarpiece, on which he himself is depicted), there is the intention to test these elements against our own contemporary living environment. Which links can be made and are still relevant and are therefore experienced as timeless? Or how is the time and environment in which Vijd lived in still relevant in our human, social and intercultural relationships?



This exhibition consists of three different parts.

1. The drawings as a contemporary commentary, 2. An installation with photos "The Sacred Landscape" and 3. A video triptych.




Studio view drawings & research 2019 > 2020.








[Nomad Memories] & [Arca] Summer presentation Gallery S&H De Buck Ghent Belgium 2020.



[Nomad Memories]


During the summer period of the Gallery S&H De Buck there will be a presentation of two indoor installations of Stefaan van Biesen in cooperration with Annemie Mestdagh. The first installations 'Nomad Stories/Memories' was shown the first time at Platform Projects in Athens 2017 [curated by Artemis Potamianou, Tate London en Moma NY] and during 'Hands Don't Know What The Hand Will Do' at CAS Oostende 2018, a duo exhibition together with artist Annelies Slabbynck (B).


Letters written by several people who came here to Europe as refugees since the 1990s. Their handwritten letter was written by them personally in their own original language and contain an anecdote, a story from their childhood or family or the account of their flight to Europe. The hope of a safe life with better living conditions. The contents of the letter remain with the artist and the writer. What remains is the image of a handwriting letter, a silent witness of suffering or joy. handwritten layered letters in hand shape.





The Second installation 'Arca' is a new work and it is a tribute to the Portugese Poet Fernando Pessoa. Based on a study by Stefaan van Biesen for the Fernando Pessoa Museum Lisbon 2012.


After the death of Fernando Pessoa, his friends and literary executors opened a trunk in his study and discovered thousands of pages of works of every sort: a collection of unfinished angst-ridden texts: poems, prose poems, essays, translations, short stories, plays. The fragmentary nature of these writings (jotted on scraps of paper, the backs of envelopes, the reverse side of other manuscripts and other odd places), makes Pessoa a prime postmodern figure, and the trunk, whose contents are still being catalogued (it contained some 25,000 items) has taken on the same mythical character as the valise Walter Benjamin carried on his fateful escape from Vichy France. Pessoa’s posthumous celebrity, like Benjamin's, is founded in many ways as much upon his life as upon his work. In Benjamin's case, his life embodies the myth of the Jewish intellectual on the run from the Nazis. In Pessoa's the story is less political; he embodies the disjointed, fractured postmodern ethos not only in his work, but in his very psyche.







[Verbinding / connection] Travelling educational art project RASA Belgium 2020.

Artists: Otobong Nkanga (BE/NIG), Tinka Pittoors (BE), Andy Goldsworthy (UK), Koen Vanmechelen (BE), Stefaan van Biesen (BE), Annemarie Maes (BE), Shaakira Jassat (S. AFR/NL). 




The same place 6 months later








M A D E - O F - W A L K I N G [ VII ] :

[Wandering Souls] [7th International Meeting] Minho University Guimaraes ⋈ Portugal June 2020.




Wandering Souls / Nomadic Gardens is a performative, multidisciplinary, artistic walk, based on the nomadic aspect of garden conversations. These garden conversations were once the start of many art projects for Stefaan van Biesen (certainly in the creation of the Milena principle in 1999/2000).


[Carrying our garden] This project is therefore based on an old and renewed tradition and is in line with the walks and projects that Stefaan van Biesen realized in the last decades [Wander Weed Sessions (Akamas Cyprus 2017, Guimaraes Portugal 2018, Beveren Belgium 2019), Library of Walks (Europe & Brazil 2002-2019), Letters to a Tree (1996-1997)].










[I, Dandelion...] a joint artistic research by Rosario Forjaz & Stefaan van Biesen 2019/2020.




The dandelion: edible and healing. The dandelion actually has a negative image or at least a dull image. The plant is removed from the garden, too, because it is unsightly for the otherwise beautifully smooth lawn. If it is not unsightly for the lawn, then this plant suddenly pops up along a wall where a piece of stone is broken. In short, the plant pops up everywhere and we don't want it anywhere in the garden. Yet the dandelion has more to it than we are aware of it. The dandelion even has healing power. What's up with that?


A project as a proces, a lab. More info soon.







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