Agenda - Stefaan van Biesen


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P U B L I C - S P A C E :

[Obstacle/Passage/Obstacle] sculpture/installation in public space: geboortepark Zwijndrecht Belgium 2018.



P R O J E C T S :

[Fingers Don't Know What The Hand Will Do] a joint project with artist Annelies Slabbynck 2018.

[Traces of Memory] an ongoing, current project with Dr. Shaomin Xue [China/Belgium] 2018.

[Traces of Rain] an ongoing, European current project 2018.



S C H O O L - P R O J E C T S :

[Letters to a Tree / Library of Walks] De Toren School Melsele Beveren Belgium ⋈ 19.03 > 23.03.2018.

[Slow walking / Silent Walking] students of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Brussels Belgium 2018.



S O U N D S C A P E - C O M P O S I T I O N S :

[Liquid Dances] [Suite of 3 compositions] for Lina Efstathiou [Liquid Dance Theater] Athens Greece 2018.

[En balade avec Rimbô] Media Walk & illustrations. Sound compositions ⋈ La Romieu France ⋈ 2017/2018.



A R T - F A I R S :

[Platfroms Projects] the Milena principle Athens Greece 2018. Curator Artemis Potamianou [Moma & Tate].



U T O P I A - B O O K :

[Urban Emptiness] an ongoing travelling 'Utopia' book project. In several cities in Europe & NY 2017/2018.



M A D E - O F - W A L K I N G :

[Wander Weed] [4th International meeting] Neon Chorio Akamas Peninsula Cyprus 29.06 > 08.07.2018.




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MADE OF WALKING is organized by the Milena principle with a series of screenings, workshops and conferences relating to walking, focussing on dialogues between performance, arts, literature and new media, inviting students, (young) artists, writers, walkers, performers, musicians and composers, sound designers, new media artist, developers, teachers, experts and scientists of different fields, to share their experiences. Projects/performances are meant for following outdoor.


The 'Keynote' artists for this Made of Walking (IV) event are: Arianna Economou [choreographer/Dancehouse Lefkosia, Nicosia Cyprus], Haris Pellapiasiotis [lecturer University Nicosia Cyprus], Annemie Mestdagh [production assistant/the Milena principle, Belgium], Stefaan van Biesen [multi-media artist/the Milena principle, Belgium], Aliki Arnaouti [theater director/the Milena principle, Athens Greece], Geert Vermeire [writer, curator/the Milena principle, Belgium/Athens Greece], Andrew Stuck [Rethinking Cities/Museum of Walks, London UK & Mel Sutton [Rethinking Cities/Museum of Walks, London UK].


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Sculpture/permanent installation public space for a birth park of the community of Zwijndrecht in Belgium. Installation / Reconstruction of the little gate on the painting of Hieronymous Bosch [1450-1516]: 'the lost son'. (Museum Boijmans-van Beuningen, the Netherlands). A symbol of rebirth and change.






[Fingers Don't Know What The Hand Will Do] joint project with artist Annelies Slabbynck 2018.


During the years in the work of Annelies Slabbynck and Stefaan van Biesen, 'hands' have always played an important role. This is what binds them philosophically and artistically. They also share a nomadic vision in which their work travels through the world. This conclusion was the start of a joint project where new works are created and maybe earlier works are being redefined. Work that originated through various perspectives such as work used during or for performances, video and exhibitions. The whole project is a joint process where interaction can arise on each other's work or an artistic response to a specific work of both.








During Made of Walking summer school in Delphi July 2017, there were several talks and meetings with dancers. Lina Efstathiou of The Liquid Dance Theater in Athens is now working on a dance play. 3 music compositions by Stefaan van Biesen will become the musical layer of a dance performance and choreography by Lina Efstathiou. The soundtrack of 'Liquid Trees' is used for an upcoming dance solo at a dance festival in Athens.







An educational art project / workshops for youngsters [the age of 10] at De Toren school Melsele Beveren Belgium. The artistic theme's of: 'Letters to a tree', 'the Library of Walks' are an inspiration for a project where nature, ecology, books, reading, writing, drawing, walking, is used as an instrument of knowledge and reflection.






[Platforms Projects] Independed Art Fair Athens Greece. 17.05>20.05. 2018. The team: Artemis Potamianou [Tate London - MOMA NY curator], Michalis Argyrou [co-director], Yorgos Taxiarchopoulos [Chief research & development].


Curator Artemis Potamianou (MOMA NY & Tate London), who is currently based in Athens, considers the Milena principle as one of the 49 most important independent art platforms from all over the world, distinguishing themselves by working on unconventional ways and by establishing unexpected and influential debates on art. Based on the “unity is strength” principle, the platforms have secured their own place on the international art arena without antagonizing the environment they are called upon to serve.


Curator Artemis Potamianou and the selection committee of Art Athina Platforms project 2015 selected the Milena principle as one of the 40 representative art platforms worldwide to showcase their work and collaborations in Lisbon and Athens.

the Milena principle presents together with befriended collectives and organisations in Lisbon and Athens a collaborative sound-and visual installation, demonstrating the effect towards other cities, through a network of artistic interventions with remote users from other cities. The juxtaposition of artistic interventions and experiences of different urban environments suggesting the acknowledgement of coherence emphasized in the practices of everyday life-urban rituals, rather than the contrast implied by the geographical and cultural differences.







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