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World kitchen


'World kitchen'

Breugel & today' Herman Teirlinckhuis Beersel 2002. 60 rice pies made in plaster.











What is your favourite meal? Is dinner well served? Tu as bien mangé? What dress will you wear for supper? Tu aimes bien les tartes flambées? Zijn de borden warm genoeg? Do you like my cooking? Où as-tu mal? Do you always think about food this way? Is this an unusual taste? Are you always hungry? Heeft u dit recept al uitgeprobeerd? Is this the perfect combination? Do you need to be afraid of being a bad cook? Zullen we snel iets eten? I don’t like this food? Could I have a little bit more? Have you already tried nr 44 of the menu? Vous n’avez pas faim? You had too much, I suppose? This reminds me of something I used to know? Ben ik niet te dik? Does food make me feel better? Shall I swallow it? Try this. Is it really delicious? Hoor je mij klagen?


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