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Field recordings made in Europe. Music compositions & soundscapes for installations and festivals. Mixing and production. Stefaan van Biesen is also a former member of the electro Indie rock band China Blue and A Blue Supreme:




[Palanca, The Passing] 2023.


An ambient music composition based on a series of walks in the area of ​​Palanca (Venice Giudecca). A combination of impressions (notes of a diary) during the walks, supported by a number of field recordings on site. The duration of the piece: 11:51.



01. Palanca [The Passing] [7 walks near Palanca] (4 notes of a diary) 11:51 - 02. Palanca : Walking with Chigusa [Kyoto Diary] 08:26 - 03. Palanca [The Passing] [Alternative Instrumental Version] 11:04.


Released September 6, 2023.


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Performance for Àmare:

[Score for Zwermer/Swarmer (I) art project Àmare 02.07.2023 Damme Belgium 2023.



Score for 'Zwermer/Swarmer (I)' was created in 2003 at the start of an international collaboration between artist Stefaan van Biesen and poet, curator Geert Vermeire, student of the iconic conductor/composer Sergiu Celibidache [1912-1996]. It is a public performance where the human voice becomes part of a sound composition, based on voice resonance and sonorous buzzes from the natural world.


Anyone can participate. No singing skills are required. Following 'Zwermer/Swarmer (I)' now shown in Damme and the fact that this performance saw the light exactly 20 years ago, this event will be repeated for Àmare 2023.




[Architecture Is Frozen Sound] 2022.



01. Palanca [The Passing] [7 walks near Palanca] (4 notes of a diary) 11:51 - 02. Palanca : Walking with Chigusa [Kyoto Diary] 08:26 - 03. Palanca [The Passing] [Alternative Instrumental Version] 11:04.


Released September 6, 2023.


Full CD available on Band Camp:




Interview radio broadcast National Radio Slovenia by Katarina Radaljac 2021.


[I Don't Remember Me The Rain] 2020.



01. I Don't Remember Me The Rain [a suburban walk] 23:35 - 02. Madrigal for Beatrice [Requiem] 15:54 -


Released September 9, 2020.

Full CD available on Band Camp:




[The Garden That Carries My Name] 2020.



01. The Garden That Carries My Name [chamber version] 23:02

02. Ma Tulpa 08:09 - 03. The Fountain 07:02


Released June 30, 2020


Full CD available on Band Camp:




[The Forjaz Variations] 2020.



01. Islands [Rosario Part I] 04:57 - 02. The Secret Life Of Plants [Rosario Part II] 08:32 - 03. The Silent Talk Of Plants [Rosario Part III] 04:20 - 04. Slow Walk : Fase 3 [Rosario Part IV] 11:02 - 05. True Blue : Fase 4 [Rosario Part V] 09:03


The Forjaz Variations by Stefaan van Biesen for the exhibition 'caminhando à flor da pele' of Rosario Forjaz [Made of Walking III at La Romieu France 2017] at Museu Noguiera da Silva, Minho University Braga 2020. Slow walks.


Released January 9, 2020


Full CD available on Band Camp:




[Leafless Variations] 2018.

Duo performance Analogio Festival Athens Greece 21.09 > 27.09.2018.



01. Leafless II [Eleftheria Remix] Whisper Again 10:35 - 02. Leafless I [Lina Remix] Platform Projects Athens 2018. 11:33 - 03. Breathless/Leafless [Inhale The City Remix] 11:30 - 04. Leafless III [Nicosia Chant] Nefeli & Marie Remix 05:12 - 05. Leafless IV [Tablar Remix] 09:44 - 06. Leafless IX [Praying Towers] Nicosia Urban Emptiness Remix 05:14


Released August 20, 2018.


Full CD available on Band Camp:




Leafless Variations [the Unity of Polarities] is a duo performance by two female dancers: Lina Efstathiou [Liquid Dance Studio Athens] and eleftheria Rapti. The performance is based on on two props made by Annemie Mestdagh and Stefaan van Biesen. Both dancers participated during the Platform Project in May 2018 in Athens.


Stefaan van Biesen [concept] appeals to the experiences of a person to explore a public space. The fundamental fact of moving in time and space. Scanning the environment in relation to others. It is a combination of letting go and remembering. He assumes that the divine wisdom of the body knows what to do. All information is present in the body. Saved impressions and experiences are an emotional archive that can immediately be tapped or addressed to. For Stefaan van Biesen the essence of a performance is a meaningful ritual, a sacral event. No banal action without any meaning. He does not see it as a form of improvisation, rather as a state of being. In our archetypal gestures, the human legacy of our culture and civilization is shown to the viewer as an appealing memory bank. The attribute is a nomadic object that the participant can use to get started. It is an invitation to a feeling thinking.


The duo performance is a part of the forthcoming edition of Analogio Festival, September 21-27, 2018, with performing arts from around the world. Analogio Festival has been annually organized since 2005 and in 2018 its focusing on Asia /Far East, including a tribute to South Africa, with workshops from international artists and in collaboration with the Unesco's International Playwright's Forum (IPF/ITI).






[En balade avec Rimbô] 2017.



01. Prologue 00:48 - 02. Talking Cats 03:43 - 03. L'ardennais [épisode I] 04:04 - 04. Tristesse 01:51 - 05. Fugues en Stock [épisode II] 04:33 - 06. Rimbôbô 03:45 - 07. Walk it! 02:24 - 08. Tourments d'Orient [épisode III] 04:01 - 09. Compères de Pierre [épisode IV] 03:38 - 10. Viens Viens 02:09 - 11. L'Amie Maudit [épisode V] 04:11 - 12. Le Jardin 01:47 - 13.


The team of 'Rimbô': Graphic support by Annemie Mestdagh ⋈ Sound Compositions and visuals by Stefaan van Biesen ⋈ Technical realisation by Geert Vermeire ⋈ Voices by: Anne Jouan, Maryse Strzelecki, Bernadette Chabbert, Michèle Litzler, Martine Ferradou and Marie-Hélène Vigneron [Lectourne à voix Haute] ⋈ Texts by Panko [Christian Porré] ⋈ Practical support by


A new made media walk and sound compositions. 'En Balade avec Rimbô' in La Romieu France is based on texts written by Christian Porré [Le Bouc Qui Zouke]. A reflection on the life of the poet Arthur Rimbau. The theme is the cat Rimbô. The sound walk is made by the Milena principle [Geert Vermeire, Stefaan van Biesen and Annemie Mestdagh] together with the art oganisation Le Bouc Qui Zouke [Christian Porré, Belinda Porrré and Laurence Fremeau].


Released May 5, 2017.


Full CD available on Band Camp:





[Liquid Dances]  2017.

[Suite of 3 compositions] for Lina Efstathiou [Liquid Dance Theater] Athens Greece.



01. Liquid Trees 10:10 - 02. Liquid Mountains 09:24 - 03. Liquid Cities [City Fever] 10:57 - 04. Liquid Traces [Tablar] 09:44


During Made of Walking summer school in Delphi July 2017, there were several talks and meetings with dancers. Lina Efstathiou of The Liquid Dance Theater in Athens is now working on a dance play. 3 music compositions by Stefaan van Biesen will become the musical layer of a dance performance and choreography by Lina Efstathiou. The soundtrack of 'Liquid Trees'


Released October 7, 2016.


Full CD available on Band Camp:






[Fly Ways] 2016.

ISSC 2016 International Conference : The Logics of Image Santorini Greece.



01. Dragonfly Movements 07:03 - 02. (F)light [Movement II] 12:06 - 03. Fly Ways Variation I 01:57 - 04. Fly Ways Variation II 01:43 - 05. Fly Ways Variation III 03:53 - 06. Fly Ways Variation IV 01:59 - 07. Fly Ways Variation V 02:05 - 08. Pool Movements [Neo Chorio] 11:44


D R A G O N F L Y - M O V E M E N T S

Stefaan van Biesen. Sound Composition for art installation 'Fly Ways' 2012-2016 ['Wanderlust' Art borgloon, 'Passages' La Romieu France 2016, 'Fly Ways' Santorini Art Factory


Released August 1, 2016.


Full CD available on Band Camp:




[Mountains] 2016.



01. Convince Me [If You Can] 04:16 - 02. Bad Weather Report 03:02 - 03. Framed 03:16 - 04. Trax 04:55 - 05. Strangeways 06:54 - 06. LSD Housewife 05:38 - 07. Silence 06:44 - 08. Islands [Venice Laguna] 05:26 - 09. Leipzig Walk 05:01 - 10. Athens [Bath House] 03:36
Solo project by Stefaan van Biesen based on walks in several European cities. A mix of field recordings, soundscapes and electro music compositions.


Compositions of field recordings in Europe, composed,mixed and produced by Stefaan van Biesen. Electro and field and radio recordings.


Released July 3, 2016


Full CD available on Band Camp:




[Head] 2015



01. Aurora II 07:08 - 02. City Fever 10:57 - 03. Lisbon Psalmista 05:17 - 04. And Sadness Came 05:45 - 05. Ghost Ride 10:24  06. Suburbian 06:28 - 07. Erdgeschoß 03:17 - 08. Tentator 05:06 - 09. Lamentation [Crete] 07:14 - 10. April Fools [Urban Pre Raphaelites] 05:28


Compositions of field recordings in Europe, composed, mixed and produced by Stefaan van Biesen. Electro and classical instruments.


Solo project by Stefaan van Biesen based on walks in several European cities. A mix of field recordings, soundscapes and electro music compositions.


Released August 18, 2015.


Full CD available on Band Camp:




[Hythlodaeus] 2015.

Utopia Sound Map : Cities and Memory ⋈ Oxford UK 2015.



01. Hythlodaeus 20:00 - 02. Philoctetes (I) 05:05 - 03. Philoctetes (II) [Bird Island] 04:16 - 04. Two Sisters [Lamentation] 10:03


Making a soundscape 'Hythlodaeus 2015': during the Milena principle 'Sea Born' project in Venice 2015, Geert Vermeire and Stefaan van Biesen made field recordings in Venice and later in Antwerp. They used this digital material to make a soundscape for the Utopia sound project of Cities and Memory. The theme was the map of Utopia made by Ambrosius Holbein in 1518.

The Milena principle soundscape created by Stefaan van Biesen can be heard on section C6 of the map on the website of


Soundscape 'Hythlodaeus 2015': texts 'Unfolding the City' by Geert Vermeire, 'Siren' by Stefaan van Biesen. Voice by Stefaan van Biesen. Field recordings by Geert Vermeire and


Released June 10, 2015.


Full CD available on Band Camp:




[The Listening City] 2013



01. Antwerp [The River] 07:43 - 02. Berlin [Silvery] 05:18 - 03. Lisbon [Shivering Waters] 11:18 - 04. Athens [September Rain] 10:51 - 05. Venice [Sparkling Fountains] 10:34 - 06. The Listening City [Live at STEM] [Part 1] 15:49 - 07. The Listening City Live STEM [Part 2] 23:14


Music composed by Stefaan van Biesen for The Listening City at STEM Sint-Niklaas. International meeting for Grundvigt. Field recordings in several European cities.


Released May 19, 2013


Full CD available on Band Camp:




[Walking with Çelebi] 2012.



01. Intro I 02:22 - 02. Clock Tower 02:32 - 03. Memories 03:21 - 04. Cemetery 02:45 - 05. Love Bridge 02:55 - 06. Modernity 03:02 - 07. Intro II 01:32 - 08. Mauselum 02:45 - 09. Living 04:05 - 10. Promenade II 01:07 - 11. Sufi 03:31 - 12. Çelebi Traveler 01:08 - 13. Evliya 01:21 - 14. Tale Of The 4 Winds 00:48 - 15. 3 Winds 00:57 - 16. Evliya [Moonscapes] 02:31 - 17. Çelebi [Under The Old Oak] 02:40 - 18. Conquering 02:50

A sound walk for mobile devices by Geert Vermeire (musical scenario), Enrique Tomás and Stefaan van Biesen (sound artists).

A contemporary sound walk inspired by the world traveler, Evliya Çelebi, an Ottoman Turkish gentleman adventurer who travelled far and wide for over 40 years, visiting over 250 cities. He described everything he saw on his journeys, and left a record of his wanderings in 10 large volumes, the Seyahatname, or Book of Travels, “the longest and fullest travel account in Islamic literature, perhaps in world literature.” His book is full of fantasy, imaginary landscapes and invented itineraries in a world where travelling was still magical and mysterious. On the other hand Çelebi is a great geographer in the tradition of Strabo and Ptolemy. Historians have cross-referenced his descriptions of Balkan mosques, public baths and Sufi lodges with the actual sites that still stand today, and found Evliya Çelebi to be highly accurate.
The sound walk refers to the magical and to the documentary side of Evliya Çelibi’s travels, situated within the Balkan of today. An atmosphere of past wonder blends with the sounds of contemporary Balkan. Poetic soundscapes, composed for this sound walk, and field recordings of street music, city life and nature. 

Released January 3, 2012


Full CD available on Band Camp:Çelebi




[City Fever] 2011



01. Falling Into Place [Intro] 01:21 - 02. City Fever [Part III] Athens Rooftop 10:51 - 03. Taxi Cabs 03:57 - 04. Rooftop Fever 05:07 - 05. The Blue Line [Vertigo] 05:07 - 06. Glowing [The City At Night] 05:46 - 07. Sunbathing On The Roof 04:45 - 08. City Fever [Original Rooftop Version] 10:57 - 09. Aurora [Rooftop Remix] 07:08

Played, produced and written on a laptop by Stefaan van Biesen 2011. The inspiration came from living for two weeks on a rooftop apartment in Athens during summertime. Occasional electric guitar, keyboards and sampling on some tracks. Released November 11, 2011.


Released November 11, 2011


Full CD available on Band Camp:




[The Dresden Suite] 2010.



01. The Dresden Suite 20:41 - 02. Day of 7 Winds 15:00 - 03. Stefaan van Biesen & Peter Maes - The Dresden Suite [Live at Dacca] 20:40

Recorded and composed in Dresden 2010. Released July 7, 2010. [The Dresden Suite] Live at DACCA Belgium. Composed, mixed and produced by Stefaan van Biesen. Electro and field and radio recordings. A live performance by 2 guitar players: Peter Maes & Stefaan van Biesen.


Released July 7, 2010.


Full CD available on Band Camp:



[The Dresden Suite] Live at DACCA Belgium. Peter Maes & Stefaan van Biesen.





[Études for 2 electric guitars] 2009.



01. Étude I 02:58 - 02. Étude II 03:38 - 03. Étude III [View] 03:53 - 04. Étude IV [Syd] 03:46 - 05. Étude V [Passio est] 06:23 - 06. Étude VII 03:24 - 07. Étude VIII [Lizard] 01:53 - 08. Étude IX [Sensation] 04:13 - 09. Étude X [Open Space] 02:35 - 10. Étude XI [Symphonia] 02:56 - 11. Étude XII [Suburbania] 03:19 - 12. Étude XIII [Charis' Garden] 05:36


[Études for 2 electric guitars]. Electronica +2 treated guitars and keyboards. A mix of improvisation, self made samples and home computer production. [Peter Maes & Stefaan van Biesen].


Released October 18, 2009.




[Mater] 2008



01. Mater I [Breath] 08:20 - 02. Mater II [een eindeloos glooien] 08:31 - 03. Mater III [Passio] 06:22 - 04. Mater IV [Colour Field] 05:21 - 05. Mater V [World Kitchen] 08:13 - 06. Mater VI [Amato] 02:40 -07. Mater VII [Felt] 04:46 - 08. Mater VIII [Buda] 09:18 - 09. Mater IX [Nomad] 07:11


Released July 7, 2008


Music compositions for the Mater Project at the H. Magdalenachurch Bruges 2008


Full CD available on Band Camp:




[Man Broke Tree] 2006



01. Man Broke Tree 08:35 - 02. Green Man 03:38 - 03. Night Sounds [Pulsars of bats] 07:01 - 04. Birth 07:13 - 05. Sinfionetta [the man in the arena] 06:05

Released October 10, 2006.


Full CD available on Band Camp:




(V)ELD 2005



Music composition [soundscape/installation] for the art event Ventilatie Corpus 05 by Wit.h at the Sint-Janshospitaal Bruges Belgium. Curator Els Vermeersch. Field recordings and production by Stefaan van Biesen. Voice & text Geert Vermeire [extract Zoemperformance, Score for Buzzer I], André and José at Zandberg Kortrijk 2005.


Released May 5, 2005


Full CD available on Band Camp:




[The Listening City] a live sound collaboration.



The Listening City - [Peter Maes & Stefaan van Biesen]- Live at STeM Sint-Niklaas Belgium 2013.




More info about the sound projects:



L E A F L E S S ( I ) [ 2 0 1 7 ] .

Dance performance Anastasia McCammon at Dancehouse Lefkosia. Urban Emptiness Festival Nicosia 2017.



[Leafless I & II] A sound composition [Maya Dalinsky [USA/B] Dancing Leafless II] and [Anastasia McCammon dancing Leafless I] at the Dancehouse Lefkosia during the Urban Emptiness Nicosia Festival 2017 in Cyprus.




[Ghost Conference] Bunkier Sztuki [Museum gallery] in Krakow Poland, on Saturday 16.06.2018.



Ghost Conference is a multi-channel sound installation consisting of a music/auditive compositional layer, a vocal and soundscape storytelling layer [stories told by physical or metaphorical refugees and migrants from all over the world], a textual layer [spoken live or recorded by narrators], a techno-philosophical layer [told by humans or robots]. The basic assumption of the work is a radical rejection of any hypostatic and monumental definition of identity [national, religious, traditional]. Ghost Conference materialises in a virtual venue, where internet and telephone infrastructures provide the new sensorial organism to manifest its phenomena and co-extension in one and multiple places.


In practice, the idea is to have all the participants connecting with us through various means of electronic communications ways [Skype, telephone, Jitsi, Whatsapp etc.] and speak to us and to our audience about given set of topics. The topics for the first event would circulate around the theme of migration [in a very broad sense], space availability,


Ghost Conference. Together with Marcin Barski (sound-artist/music curator), Lorenzo Brusci (composer, inventor) and with a support of Bunkier Sztuki Art Gallery. Afour-hour-long live-processed global sound-text composition based on materials provided by contributors from all around the world.

We are grateful for their wonderful contributions and we'd like to thank each of them. Thank you so much Andreja Andric, Michel Banabila, Ess Beck, Michael Begg, Burkhard Beins, Stefaan van Biesen, Alessandro Bosetti, Yury Bulka, Luca Canciello, Francesco Capann, Alfredo Costa Monteiro, Patryk Daszkiewicz, Sandra Fruehbing, Charles III Goff, Paweł Górecki, Oriana Hadad, Thomas Harzem, Bogna Juchnowicz, Aleksandra Klimczak, Monika Konrad, Matthias Kranebitter, Joseph Kudirka, Michał Libera, Artur Lis, Aleksandra Łukaszewicz Alcaraz, Svetlana Maras, Claudia Mel, Antoni Michnik, Chrysti Mouratidou, Olia Olina, Dominika Peszko, Antonella Radicchi, Kamil Radomski, Sara Rodowicz-Slusarczyk, Paul Roth, Adam




[Philocthetes] sound compositions for theater play, Athens Greece 2016.



Directed by Sissy Papathanassiou, Athens Greece 2016. Electro acoustic sound composition with field recordings. Composed, mixed and produced by Stefaan van Biesen 2016.


[Philocthetes] travelling theater play in Europe 2016.


5 new sound compositions for the travelling theater play 'Philocthetes' by Stefaan van Biesen. 1. Ouverture - 2. Dog Island - 3. Bird Island - Wind & Sea - 4. Crowded City - 5. The Battle.


In poem "Philoctetes" by Yannis Ritsos the hero Philoktetes does not speak. Speaks only the young man Neoptolemus. And he talks about betrayal, abandonment, exploitation, political responsibility, childhood, memory and the trauma. Subject of the Greek poet Yannis Ritsos' long poem "Philoctetes" (1963–1965), a monologue in which the youth Neoptolemus convinces Philoctetes to follow him back to the war that will be won by the ruse of the Trojan Horse.





[A Knocking Bird] Sint-Niklaas Belgium.




A Knocking Bird is an urban and e-culture project with an ecological engagement, organized by Cultuurcentrum Sint-Niklaas Belgium, WIT Urban Team ( and noTours ( in collaboration with the Colour U, several international sound artists and environmental and ecological organizations. Curator: Geert Vermeire.
The pilot of this project happens between March and September and invites the residents and visitors of the city to a new urban experience with participation and with locative media.

Points of departure are a series of creative meetings with residents and artistic urban interventions by WIT Urban Team, next to an European event with fifteen residents from different European cities to explore nature in the city of Sint-Niklaas during a residency of a week. Their visit will be transformed in artistic results and in personal contributions about nature and city.




the Milena principle, Geert Vermeire and Stefaan van Biesen collaborated with soundartist Enrique Tomás [] on various projects that connect literature, visual arts and new media. Including geolocalization, movement technology, applications for portable screens [smartphone, gps] for among others SMAK City Museum of Contemporary Art Ghent in Belgium, and a travelling project for various cultural venues in five countries [City Museum of Belgrado, Museum Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz, Museum Deichtorhallen in Hamburg in 2012, and in the Historical Museum of Trieste in 2013].




inspired by imaginary and real travels as described in one of his last novels “Report to Greco”.


Disarmingly personal and intensely philosophical, Report to Greco is a fictionalized account Nikos Kazantzakis’s own life, a sort of intellectual autobiography that leads readers through his wide-ranging observations on everything from the Hegelian dialectic to the nature of human existence, all framed as a report to the Spanish Renaissance painter El Greco. The assuredness of Kazantzakis’s prose and the nimbleness of his thinking as he grapples with life’s essential questions—who are we, and how should we be in the world?—will inspire awe and more than a little reflection from readers seeking to answer these questions for themselves. The opening walk on September 18th will be accompanied by four actors performing texts of Report to Greco at the points of interest of this sound walk complementing the soundscape.


Soundwalk design and musical scenario: Geert Vermeire.

Soundscapes/compositions: Stefaan van Biesen.

Performative walk directed by: Sissy Papathanissiou.

Production assistant: Aliki Arnaouti.

Actors: Larissa Vergou, Panagiotis Lezes, Christina Hilla Fameli, Charis Symeonidou.

Commissioned by the Analogio Festival 2017 – Athens.

Production by the Milena principle / Analogio Festival.



[Blind Walk / White Walk] Athens Greece 2016.



Blind walk / White walk invites you to follow the steps of blind walkers, inspired by the novel Blindness of José Saramago and the blind prophet Tiresias in the poetry of Homer.  This bilingual (Greek/English) walk combines sound immersion with live performances between the contemporary Theater Technis in Plaka and the ancient Odeon of Herodes Atticus, along the road towards the Acropolis.

Actors: Jenny Dagla, Polyxeni Thanou, Charis Symeonidou, Yiannis Tsaparegas, Nikolaos Georges Chaldeakis. Sound walk / field recordings: Geert Vermeire. Compositions: Stefaan van Biesen. English texts read by Rosa Prodromou.

Blind Walk/White walk Homer and Saramago is a concept by Simona Vermeire and Sissy Papathanassiou. A collaboration between the Milena principle and AnalogioGR. A production by the Analogio Festival 2016. With the institutional support of the José Saramago Foundation, Lisbon. Live performance, Sunday October, 2nd at 12 am. Soundwalk made with / available on in PlayStore and AppleStore. Free download.





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